• Protectaseal labels are successfully used to ensure the integrity and authenticity of most items.
  • Protectaseal labels are used in sensitive and/or search and seal operations prior to high profile events or activities.
  • Protectaseal labels are suitable for use by police, hospital and prison authorities to secure doors, sections and scenes from un-authorized entry of people and contraband. These products have also been successfully used in conjunction with covert security additions to the basic label.
  • Security of ballot boxes between polling and counting stations is critical to ensure the integrity of a vote.
  • Protectaseal labels are suitable for customs and excise and duty free areas where a quick and cost effective security sealing solution is required from time to time.
  • Piracy and unauthorized copying of DVD’s and CD’s is a growing problem in the software and music industry. Protectaseal labels are used successfully in these industries and when barcoded, ensure a value added use in the supply chain.

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